Saturn NELA Permanently Closing

We are as surprised as you are! We did not expect to be writing an announcement about closing when we just opened! (Our big Saturn sign just went up 😞)

Sadly our awesome comrades @Pub1954 have hit a wall with their landlord and they will be leaving their Eagle Rock location. We have had so much fun over the past few months with @(Tag Herb) and hope our paths will cross again some day.

A huge thank you to all of our Saturn fans who came out to support us, especially our dedicated new Eagle Rock regulars who showed up two to three times a week since we opened. (We’re looking at you The Linda Linda’s!!) We also can’t miss the opportunity to give a huge THANK YOU to the LA Slugs!! We love all of our UCSC family and feel your support wherever we are.

The warmth we received from our customers, in the short time we were in Eagle Rock convinced us that Saturn LA is a must!

So wish us luck 🍀 Saturn fans as we look for our new permanent home in Los Angeles!! Send us virtual hugs (we need them!!), send us your ideas for the best LA location for Saturn and keep following us / reading our newsletter for updates on where we will open next.

Until we meet again, never forget Saturn ❤️’s You!!

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